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The Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts has as its purpose “to nurture and showcase the literary, visual, musical, and performing arts within the Religious Society of Friends, for purposes of Quaker expression, ministry, witness, and outreach. To these ends, we will offer spiritual, practical, and financial support as way opens.”


FQA is looking forward to its next national Arts Project, to happen in May of 2018

FQA is looking forward to its next national Arts Project, to happen in May of 2018. We have decided on the theme name: ” The Arts in the Beloved Community”.

Through this theme’s events, we hope to be open to including all mediums of arts and all interested artists and to bring forth the richness and importance of our diversity in humanity and nature. The queries we have decided on so far to help organizers and participants think about their programs are:

1. As artists and appreciators of art, how can we most powerfully represent the diversity of our world’s people, animals and plants, waters and air? How can we connect our art with our concern for the earth and its inhabitants, human and other than human? What are we, as Quaker artists, called to do?

2. How can we express the depth and breadth of the beloved community in our artwork? And how can we share our art with others?




Blair Seitz

 A Quaker Storyteller


For a long time, Quakers refused to “observe” Christmas. So, what did they do on that day? This story imagines one family’s response. It happened in England, in the Yorkshire village of Settle, during wartime.

(The village and its meeting are quite real, as are the wartime customs described.)

The Board invites other Quaker writers to submit stories for inclusion in this monthly feature of short stories with focus on Quakers, Quakerism, autobiography, or seasonal content.



Call for Submissions for Paint Passion and Purpose


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